With Christmas approaching, time is running out to enter the PharmaTimes International Clinical Researcher of the Year 2016.

As well as a competition, it is a unique learning and development opportunity.

Silvia Casellas of PRA Health Sciences, a previous winner of Project Manager of the Year, commented: “The competition was a golden opportunity to challenge myself and find the time to stop and think outside the box. I especially enjoyed the friendly but professional atmosphere during the finals and the interesting discussion with board members during my presentation. I found the whole process very motivating, particularly being able to measure my skills against some of the best project managers out there. It was a true learning experience.” 

How to enter:

Stage 1: Complete Multiple Choice Questionnaire

Stage 2: Those who score 80% or more complete a 1000 word 'Clinical Challenge' essay 

Stage 3: The top candidates from Stage 2 attend and compete in the Finals Day Challenge on 10 March, or 7 March for teams.


We cannot accept any entries submitted after this time.


Click here to enter the PharmaTimes Clinical Researcher of the Year 2016 today

You can see the 2016 category descriptions here