A new core laboratories joint venture focused initially on medical imaging has been set up by a consortium of companies from Belgium and India as well as a director of one of those companies.

The venture’s activities will span quantitative coronary and peripheral angiography, computed tomography (CT) angiography, intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) and IVUS-related techniques, multiple gated acquisition scans, optical coherence tomography, magnetic resonance imaging and multi-slice computer tomography, as well as electrocardiogram and echocardiographic assessments.

The joint venture partners are:

- VIBGYOR Scientific Research, a contract research organisation (CRO) based in Ahmedabad, India;
- genae associates, a CRO based in Antwerp, Belgium and specialising in cardiovascular and endovascular therapies and medical devices;
- Cardiovascular Center Aalst, a company based in Aalst, Belgium that provides consultancy and logistics support to doctors, hospitals, universities, pharmaceutical organisations and government bodies conducting scientific research; and
- Dr J B Dahm, director of the Department of Cardiology and Angiology at the Heart & Vascular Centre Neu-Bethlehem in Gottingen, Germany and also director of genae associates’ Core Laboratories division.

imaeon will offer “expert evaluations of medical images from multi-modality environments and unsurpassed quality clinical research services”, the partners said. The main facilities and offices will be in Ahmedabad, with a subsidiary in Antwerp. Imaeon will target its services at the pharmaceutical, biomedical and medical device industries.