IrisSys and Xcelience, two US-based companies operating in the contract research and services markets, have signed a business alliance agreement to help pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in North America streamline access to chemistry, manufacturing and controls (CMC) and regulatory expertise.
Gina Stack, president and chief executive officer (CEO) of IriSys, said Xcelience’s particular expertise in capsule formulation and its “outstanding” project management system were “certainly complementary” to IriSys, adding: “Our common philosophy, organisational culture and inherent commitment to quality make the alliance a natural fit”.

Derek Hennecke, president and CEO of Xcelience, cited IriSys’ “considerable” experience in moving compounds from early research to Phase I/II clinical trials, in addition to offering full regulatory and strategic planning services.

“This alliance provides a unique opportunity to leverage these strengths in conjunction with our own in a way that minimises client risk, and maximises client accessibility to the strategic locations of each company on the east and west coasts of the US,” Hennecke commented. Xcelience has its headquarters in Tampa, Florida while IriSys is based in San Diego, California.

IriSys was founded in 1996 as a contract services organisation focused on formulation development for compounds at all stages of development as well as Good Manufacturing Practice-compliant production of clinical trial materials.

Xcelience has been providing formulation development, pre-formulation, analytical and clinical trial manufacturing services since 1997.