Italy’s Recordati has received a boost from regulators who have given the firm the go-ahead to sell its new combination hypertensive Zan-Extra across the European Union.

The company has completed the mutual recognition process for the approval of Zan-Extra (lercanidipine/enalapril) throughout the European Union, Norway and Iceland, after receiving approval in Germany in 2006. Chief executive Giovanni Recordati said that the commercialisation of the product will start “progressively” in the second half of the year and will be sold directly by the firm in most European markets.

He added that “the extension of our therapeutic offering will allow us to consolidate our position in the antihypertensives market”. Recordati’s main growth driver has been Zanidip/Lercadip (lercanidipine) but the Milan-based company believes that fixed combinations “will play a significant and increasing role” in the future hypertension market.

“The reduction of the number of pills a patient must take, especially in the elderly, increases patient compliance which in turn increases the probability of obtaining the desired therapeutic effect,” Recordati concluded.