Children in the UK with Type 1 diabetes will now have access to a new, user-friendly insulin pen that enables more precise dosing, with the launch of Eli Lilly’s HumaPen Luxura HD.

This latest insulin delivery device to hit the market is a reusable pen that doses in half unit increments from 1 to 30 units, allowing carers, parents or children to administer insulin with the precision of half-unit dosing.

Importantly, the pen has been designed so that if the number of units are ‘over-dialled’ the dose can be corrected without the loss any insulin, and is used with 3ml cartridges that are easily replaced when finished.

Hu-Mee the Frog

The new pen should help the 20,000 children or so with Type 1 diabetes to better manage their disease and, to provide further support to patients and their caregivers, Lilly is supplying a series of information packs and education materials featuring the cartoon character Hu-Mee the Frog with each pen.

The packs include: themed lunchboxes; a ‘what kids need to know about diabetes’ booklet; a log book for children to record their blood glucose readings, insulin intake and grams of carbohydrate that are eaten each day; a carer/parent guide to bringing up a child with diabetes; and Hu-Mee stickers to decorate the child’s pen case, log book, etc.

Commenting on the launch, Simon O'Neill, Director of Care, Information and Advocacy Services, Diabetes UK, said: “For a child with Type 1 diabetes, their journey with the condition can feel overwhelming and difficult to manage. We welcome the development of any medicines or supporting materials that can make this passage a little easier for them and their families.”