Eli Lilly’s investigational treatment tirzepatide has demonstrated superior A1C and body weight reduction compared to injectable semaglutide in adults with type 2 diabetes.

The SURPASS-2 clinical trial compared three doses of tirzepatide – 5mg, 10mg and 15mg – to those taking injectable semaglutide 1mg – marketed by Novo Nordisk as Ozempic.

Topline results from the trial found that the highest dose of tirzepatide (15mg) reduced A1C by 2.46% and body weight by 13.1%.

The lowest does of tirzepatide (5mg) reduced A1C by 2.09% and body weight by 8.5% compared to 1.86% and 6.7% for semaglutide.

In addition, 51% of patients receiving tirzepatide 15mg achieved an A1C of less than 5.7% - the level seen in people without diabetes – compared to 20% for those receiving semaglutide treatment.

"These striking head-to-head results surpassed our expectations, supporting our belief in the value of all three doses of tirzepatide as potential new treatment options for people living with type 2 diabetes,” said Mike Mason, president, Lilly Diabetes.