AG Mednet, the global diagnostic imaging network that recently formed alliances with eClinical specialists Perceptive Informatics and Phase Forward, has now tied up with M2S, the US-based provider of image management services for drug and device trials.

The agreement will enable M2S to expand significantly its palette of service offerings for clinical trial sponsors, with image collection and transfer tailored to the unique needs of each study, the company said. Moreover, the AG Mednet solution is seen as a “perfect complement” to DICOM Armor Car, M2S’s proprietary network transfer device, and to other image transfer technologies used by the company.

“In an era of immense cost pressures, M2S is proud to be the only imaging core lab able to offer rapid and high-quality imaging data through both hardware- and software-based options while also providing measurable time and cost savings,” stated chief executive officer Wes Chapman.

As M2S noted, clinical trials increasingly call on medical imaging for inclusion criteria, secondary and surrogate endpoints, and for adjunctive safety assessment of drugs under development. Imaging can provide crucial information for early ‘go/no-go’ decisions, potentially saving millions of dollars in development costs, it added.

Collecting and managing large amounts of imaging data securely and rapidly can be challenging and often costly for trial sponsors, M2S pointed out. The traditional method of image transfer via hard media and courier services is “very time-intensive and error prone”.

Electronic data transfer of images, on the other hand, “drastically reduces the time involved, provides the opportunity for early discovery and resolution of queries, and therefore can provide significant cost savings in clinical trials”, the company said.

In January boosted its core capabilities in clinical trial image management by acquiring fellow US specialist DXA Resource Group (DRG) for an undisclosed sum. DRG's focus was cost-effective quality assurance as well as data and project management for clinical trials involving Dual X-ray Absorptiometry (DXA) measurements.