McKesson UK has claimed a seat in the Department of Health’s new Framework for procuring External Support for Commissioners, which aims to provide Primary Care Trusts with a ready source of expert suppliers for support in commissioning.

Earlier this month, the government announced that it had put together a support network of 14 groups to give PCTs a first port of call when seeking external suppliers for services such as data analysis. It hopes that the provision of the FESC will allow PCTs to work with organisations that are already known and trusted, removing the need for the search and selection of appropriate partners and the associated drain on resources.

McKesson says it has been appointed to the FESC to assist PCTs to get a better handle on managing demand and supply of services, by developing and implementing a strategy that takes into account local care requirements and offering consultation on the prioritisation of patients.

Supply and demand

In many cases, demand for services outstrips the availability of necessary resources, which can swell waiting times, the group explained. To help combat this, it promises to utilise a mix of “innovative advice and tools” to help PCTs ultimately better the delivery of care services.

“I believe that our existing experience gives a foundation on which to build, which is enhanced by our in-depth knowledge of the NHS and its culture,” said Charmaine McDonald, Managing Director of McKesson UK, commenting on the news. “For the past 12 months, McKesson teams from the UK and the US have been working closely shaping a solution that will deliver benefit to the PCT, GP and most importantly the patient,” she added.