Newport, UK-based Nanopharm has announced a new agreement with Leyden Labs to develop intranasal spray product candidates that could offer protection against known and new respiratory viruses.

Under the partnership, Nanopharm will combine its expertise in the development of nasally delivered drug products with Leyden Labs’ portfolio of nasal spray product candidates.

The agreement will utilise Leyden Labs’ platform, which targets commonalities in virus families to develop product candidates that can offer protection against many strains of a virus within one product.

Meanwhile, Nanopharm will screen Leyden’s product candidates and then develop a liquid nasal spray formulation, including performance testing and nasal deposition studies.

This will prepare Leyden Labs for Phase I clinical studies, the companies said in a statement.

The formulation development will all be performed at Nanopharm’s facility in Newport, UK – this site houses R&D laboratories for formulation and characterisation of inhaled and nasal products.

“This partnership enables us to efficiently bring our product candidates to people in need of better protection against new pandemics and seasonal outbreaks like those caused by influenza and coronaviruses. We look forward to continuing to work with Nanopharm in the future to further develop additional product candidates and swiftly advance them into the clinic,” said Koenraad Wiedhaup, chief executive officer of Leyden Labs.