A new non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, said to offer substantial benefits over current treatments in terms of efficacy and cost, was rolled out in the UK last week.

Javelin Pharmaceuticals’ Dyloject, an injectable formulation of diclofenac, can be given without the need for a buffer or dilute, allowing for much quicker administration and therefore making it suitable for the prevention or treatment of post-operatic pain.

According to the firm, Dyloject was found in clinical trials to have a better safety and efficacy profile than currently-marketed IV formulations of the painkiller, the complex dosing regimens of which require buffering, dilution and slow infusion over at least half an hour, and thereby fills a “significant unmet need”.

More effective pain relief
“The convenience and suitability of its administration together with its rapid time to onset of action enables us to provide more effective pain relief by the time that the patient awakens,” explained Professor Richard Langford, Professor of Anaesthesia & Pain Medicine at St Bartholomew's Hospital London.

The drug is also likely to win brownie points for its potential for cost-saving, after a recent study found that the “superior pharmaeconomics” of Dyloject could save the National Health Service up to £50 per post-operative patient over the existing formulation, the group claims.

Dyloject is now being “actively marketed” by Javelin’s UK salesforce, at a basic NHS list price of £48.00 for 10 x 75 mg/2 ml vials.