Pharmacists in the UK are being given free access to a new online library of articles and information on pharmacy, medicines and health launched by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain last week.

myLibrary is designed to better meet the information needs of pharmacists, as determined by a recent survey by the Society’s library in which the majority of respondents requested an online information resource of full-text journals.

The new site allows pharmacists to download whole articles from over 1,700 full-text journals, as well as search thousands of abstracted references to published articles, and, according to the Society, has been built to enable researchers of all experience levels to easily find the information they are looking for.

Evidence-based practice
Commenting on its launch, Sarah Butler, Information Librarian at the RPSGB, said it comes at a time when there is “encouragement for pharmacists to pursue evidence-based practice and a requirement for them to ensure that their professional development corresponds with their ever-widening role in supporting patients”, and she added that myLibrary is expected to become “a significant resource for pharmacists wishing to increase their professional knowledge”.

The launch of myLibrary marks the latest step the library’s metamorphosis from a print-based resource to a “fully-fledged hybrid library, where “equal emphasis is placed on print- and electronic-based services alike”, the RPSGB claims, and the service is only available to registered pharmacists on myRPSGB, the secure members’ area of the Society’s website.