There’s only ONE MONTH left to submit your essay for the International Clinical Researcher of the Year competition for 2016.

The International Clinical Researcher of the Year awards programme has been enhanced and developed by an independent steering group of high level industry leaders over a number of years to provide a unique, relevant opportunity for clinical researchers to benchmark their competencies and skills against their peers in a learning environment. It is completely FREE to enter.

“The International Clinical Researcher of the Year competition is an avenue for clinical researchers to place their knowledge and skills in a wider context and showcase this to senior professionals and peers. Taking responsibility for one’s continued professional development is a key attribute for today’s clinical researchers, and taking part in this competition is a novel way to demonstrate commitment to ongoing knowledge development.” Andrea Sawdon, director, GCTM, CNS, EAME, Allergan and member of the competition steering committee

How to enter:

Stage 1: Complete Multiple Choice Questionnaire

Stage 2: Those who score 80% or more complete a 1000 word clinical challenge

Stage 3: The top candidates from Stage 2 attend and compete in the Finals Day Challenge

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You can see the 2016 category descriptions here

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