PharmaTimes invites pharma professionals not currently in a marketing role to enter the ‘Aspiring Marketer’ category in the Marketer of the Year 2015 competition.

The competition is a great opportunity for aspiring marketeers to demonstrate and test their skills, talent and potential, in a safe environment.

It takes a real-time format, designed to assess entrants' knowledge, creativity and strategic thinking via an on-the-day challenge developed by senior marketing and healthcare leaders. After the event, all entrants receive detailed qualitative and quantitative feedback from the judges on a range of vital competencies.

Free to enter, the competition requires no work prior to the day, and only one day off the road. It is open to pharma professionals currently working for companies that promote POM medication. Entry takes only a couple of minutes on the PharmaTimes website.

Click HERE to enter the PharmaTimes Aspiring Marketer of the Year 2015

Alternatively, if you have a colleague that you know wants to move into marketing in the future, please forward them this email, or nominate them online by clicking here.

The entry deadline is this Friday (18 September) so don’t delay!

For more information, please visit and please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Hannah Smith at  020 7240 6999 with any queries.

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