harma Services Network, a US-based operation that helps biopharmaceutical companies to find the right contract research organisations (CROs) for their needs, is making its proprietary list of CROs available on goBalto, the online partnering site for the pharmaceutical development and manufacturing sectors.

The new CRO list is divided into categories: ‘Recommended by Pharma Services Network’, which means the company has identified these CROs as quality service providers and can facilitate information on, and introductions to, them; and ‘Represented by Pharma Services Network’, indicating that the company has visited the relevant facility, met with senior management and endorses the CRO’s specific capabilities.

All goBalto profiles are searchable in terms of technical expertise, facilities, commercial terms, quality and other characteristics.

Sponsors may contact Pharma Services Network through its page on the goBalto.com website (www.gobalto.com/companies/pharma-services-network) for an evaluation of the listed CRO services. The company pre-qualifies all CROs based on Good Clinical Practice/Good Laboratory Practice, US Food and Drug Administration audits, financial stability, management and past performance.

Launched last April, goBalto now lists more than 7,000 businesses representing clinical researchers, investigator sites, generic suppliers, contract manufacturers and consultants around the world.