Specialty pharmacy homecare companies Careology and Medco Health Solutions have joined forces to form a new entity, combining their services to secure better treatment outcomes for the National Health Service and improve the patient experience.

Careology provides specialty nurse services and complex medicines to patients in the home, while Medco Health Solutions [UK] has extensive experience in specialty pharmacy services and proprietary IT systems, and so the companies should fit together nicely under the newly-formed business, which is to operate under the latter’s name.

Patients using Medco Health Solutions [UK] services will be looked after by specialty teams expert in specific therapeutic areas, to ensure that nurse specialists and pharmacists have extensive knowledge of a patient’s specific condition and medicines.

In addition, patients will be served by the same team members on an ongoing basis, which should help to secure better continuity of care, improve medicines adherence, boost treatment outcomes and achieve greater patient satisfaction.  

“Both Medco Health Solutions [UK] and Careology have a similar approach to improving patient outcomes from therapy, patient and client satisfaction and, as such, are natural partners,” said Sean Quigley, Executive Chairman of Medco Health Solutions [UK]. “Our individual areas of expertise complement and we expect to be a formidable new force helping to support the NHS,” he added.

Medco Health Solutions [UK] is a joint venture between US group Medco Health Solutions Inc., and United Drug plc, a Dublin, Ireland-based provider of specialist healthcare teams to the NHS and product support for UK pharmaceutical manufacturers. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

The UK pharmacy homecare market is thought to encapsulate more than 100,000 patients with an estimated drug spend of £1 billion, a figure which is currently rising at 15% per annum.