Pharmatek Laboratories, a US company offering pharmaceutical chemistry development services from early discovery “through and beyond” Phase II clinical trials, has added cytotoxic and high-potent drug development capabilities to its existing portfolio.

The new services include analytical method development, preformulation testing, formulation development, manufacturing for early-phase clinical trials, release testing, and stability testing and storage. They will be carried out in a separate dedicated facility at Pharmatek’s site in San Diego.

The expansion was driven by increased client demand for cytotoxic and high-potent drug development as well as outsourcing of production, Pharmatek said, noting it has been “a valued resource for the development and manufacturing of non-potent drugs for more than eight years”.

In April the company announced the opening of a 34,000sq ft facility in San Diego, on a lease that included an option to expand to 64,000sq ft. The new site immediately tripled Pharmatek’s available laboratory and manufacturing space, providing room for more than 100 employees.