Organiser PharmaTimes Media is delighted to announce the launch of the 2016 edition of its annual competition for clinical researchers in the Americas.

Designed to recognise and reward the talent and passion of industry and academic researchers, the PharmaTimes Clinical Researcher of the Year – The Americas is a celebration of professional excellence. It is also a valuable learning and development opportunity for clinical researchers, allowing them to benchmark their skills against those of their peers in a learning environment, and have them judged by an independent steering committee of high-level industry leaders.

This year, PharmaTimes Clinical Researcher of the Year – The Americas will take place in April in Atlanta, Georgia – a brand new location for this prestigious competition.

Gill Chalk, head of events at PharmaTimes Media, commented: “We are looking forward to launching the PharmaTimes Clinical Researcher of the Year – The Americas for 2016. The competition provides a positive and practical opportunity for clinical researchers to test how their skills and knowledge compare to those of others within the industry. It is a valuable learning opportunity, and provides a key opportunity for networking in both formal and informal settings.”

Mark Lacy, owner of Benchmark Research and chair of the competition’s executive steering group for 2016, added: “This is truly the first and only contest that represents a meaningful way to reward excellence, knowledge and expertise for clinical researchers within our industry. Whether CRC, CRA, Project Manager or Clinical Team Member, not only is the Clinical Researcher of the Year – The Americas competition a personal growth experience, it is a way to separate the good from the great internally within your company and externally within the research industry. In short, a gratifying joyful experience for all who participate.”

Call for entries!

Stage 1 of the competition is a multiple choice questionnaire based on ICH/GCP/FDA regulatory guidelines. Entry is open online: visit for more information on categories and how to enter. Stage 2 will be available from 20 November – entrants will be notified by email.

For more information please visit: or contact Hannah Smith

E: T: +44 (0)20 7240 6999

Twitter: @PTCRAmericas