Phase Forward, the US-based provider of data management solutions for clinical trials and drug safety, has teamed up with another Massachusetts company, the global clinical trial imaging network AG Mednet, in an alliance that promises to streamline the transfer of medical images between trial sites and central reviewers.

Putting together Phase Forward’s InForm integrated trial management (ITM) system and AG Mednet’s imaging transport network will allow clinical trial patient images to be tracked and managed from within the InForm system.

Investigators will be able to send images electronically to core laboratories while the laboratories themselves will have the capacity to enter patient imaging data directly into the InForm system, “eliminating a costly and time-consuming reconciliation step”, the partners noted.

Often clinical trial images are burned onto a compact disc after patient visits and physically mailed to a central reviewer (typically a core laboratory) for analysis, they pointed out, adding: “This expensive, time-consuming and inefficient process burdens clinical trial productivity”.

Clinical trial sponsors “need a way to transport patient images more quickly and efficiently for less cost, and a real-time capability to track and manage these images”, commented Martin Young, Phase Forward vice president, corporate development and marketing. “The integration of our InForm ITM platform with AG Mednet’s imaging transport network will enable us to address this critical need in a very direct way.”