Tech giant Philips has unveiled plans for a series of targeted personal health programmes that it claims will “empower consumers to take greater control of their health” and “develop healthier habits for life”.

Each programme will consist of its connected health measurement devices, an app-based personalised programme and secure, cloud-based data analysis. According to Philips, the package will enable individuals to measure vital signs to understand how lifestyle choices affect their body, to set goals and monitor their progress, and stay motivated.

Built on the Philips HealthSuite Digital Platform - an open and secure, cloud-based platform that collects and analyses health and other data from multiple devices and sources - the first will be unveiled at this year’s Internationale Funkausstellung, in Berlin, Germany, this week, followed by a launch in the country in October.

The measurement devices able to connect to the HealthSuite include the Philips Health Watch, blood pressure monitors, body analysis scale and ear thermometer, providing a range of bio-readings that can be fed into personalised healthcare programmes. 

“Philips is the only technology company with a range of professional and consumer offerings that can combine clinical and personal health data across the health continuum to encourage prevention and healthy living, to speed diagnosis and treatment, and to enable better recovery and home care,” said Pieter Nota, chief executive of Personal Health at Royal Philips.