US-based company PHT Corporation is expanding the customer base for its electronic patient-reported outcome (ePRO) solutions through an alliance with Japanese contract research organisation (CRO) CMIC.

The two companies are setting up a consolidated service network through which Japanese pharmaceutical companies will be able to use PHT’s ePRO solutions in clinical trials.

The US company says it the market-leading provider of ePRO technology, with its products employed by 100 biopharmaceutical clients in more than 400 clinical trials. PHT’s LogPad system and its SitePad Tablet record patient experiences first-hand, delivering their voices in 85 languages from homes and trial sites in 64 countries worldwide.

Capturing high-quality and time-stamped assessments with minimal respondent burden enables trial sponsors to run smaller and more conclusive clinical research programmes, resulting in substantially lower research and development costs, the company says.

CMIC offers pharmaceutical consulting, monitoring and data management services spanning all phases of the product journey from clinical development through to manufacturing and marketing. Based in Tokyo, the CRO has extensive operations in Japan, Asia (China, Korea, Singapore and Taiwan) and America, among other territories.

According to CMIC, electronic paper diaries are not yet widely used in Japan. When non-Japanese pharmaceutical companies run global clinical trials, Japan is the only country where they have to collect patient diary data on paper, it adds.