Ranbaxy has responded to the motion filed by the US Department of Justice seeking certain documents from the Indian drugmaker as part of an investigation looking into claims that it falsified data on treatments.

The file put before a court in Maryland claims prosecutors in the USA noted that a "pattern of systemic fraudulent conduct" resulted in a number of Ranbaxy's generic drugs that got onto the market in the USA without meeting the Food and Drug Administration’s standards. However, the Gurgaon-based group has filed a response to the motion and says that it “strongly denies the allegations”.

Ranbaxy also noted that “no legal proceedings in the sense of a prosecution have been initiated” and it continues to cooperate with the DoJ in regards to the investigation which has been running for three years. Importantly, the company also revealed that it has agreed to produce the specific documents sought by the motion.

Ranbaxy has previously refused to hand over documents from its US-based consultant Parexel, claiming that the audits were protected by attorney-client and work-product privileges. This stance had substantially slowed down the investigation, the DoJ had claimed.

The Indian firm went on to say that no charges have been filed against the company in the three-year period and the FDA has also gathered over 200 random samples of various drugs it markets in the USA. These products have been independently tested by the FDA, it said, “and were found to be complying with all the specifications”. Under these circumstances, Ranbaxy says it “finds that the allegations are baseless”.

Fears had been aired that the probe could lead Daiichi Sankyo to consider scrapping its proposed $4.6 billion takeover. However Ranbaxy says that the deal is “binding and final and remains on track”.

Daiichi Sankyo also confirmed that it had no plans to pull out of the deal, saying that it was already aware of the DoJ investigation and is monitoring the situation.