Italy’s Recordati has been boosted by the news that Zan-Extra has been approved in Australia and the firm is getting ready for a Europe-wide launch for the new hypertensive.

The company noted that the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods has given the go-ahead to a filing submitted by Recordati’s partner Solvay Biosciences and approved two dosage forms of Zan-Extra (lercanidipine/enalapril). A launch for the new product is scheduled to start in April.

The approval in Australia is a significant step for the firm, said chief executive Giovanni Recordati, and he hopes it will prove as popular as the company’s current flagship drug Zanidip/Lercadip (lercanidipine). He noted that the latter already is a successful product in Australia with a market share of 23%.

Australia is Zanidip’s fourth largest market worldwide and sales “can improve even further thanks to the new combination treatment”, Mr Recordati said. He added that “we are expecting the outcome of the Mutual Recognition Procedure in Europe shortly and this will allow us to launch the product [Zan-Extra] throughout the European Union".

Zan-Extra was launched in Germany last year as Zanitek and the company believes that the new combo will make a valuable contribution to earnings once it is roiled out across the continent.