Roche is teaming up with six medical and scientific institutions in Singapore to establish a Hub for Translational Medicine in the city state.

Launched with an investment of SwFr 100 million (€67.9 million), the new centre will focus on expanding knowledge of disease biology to inform personalised treatment approaches, Roche said. A joint steering committee with members from the company and the Singapore institutions will define the strategic direction of the alliance and oversee its research projects.

The institutions involved are the Agency for Science, Technology and Research, which oversees 14 biomedical sciences, physical sciences and engineering research institutes as well as seven consortia and centres in Singapore; the National University of Singapore; the National University Hospital; Nanyang Technological University; National Healthcare Group, a leading public health provider; and Singapore Health Services Pte Ltd, a group of public healthcare institutions that offers integrated medical care while pursuing research in areas such as oncology, ophthalmology and cardiology.

According to Jean-Jacques Garaud, global head of Roche Pharma Research and Early Development, Singapore’s research institutions marry “outstanding scientific excellence” with state-of-the-art translational facilities.

“The powerful combination of intellectual and technological capabilities together with outstanding government commitment at the heart of this collaboration will provide a unique opportunity to drive personalised healthcare,” Garaud added.

Singapore’s close-knit research community and clinical research infrastructure means companies are “well-positioned to develop cost-effective, efficacious therapies more quickly for Asia and global markets”, commented Professor Edward Holmes, chairman of the city state’s National Medical Research Council.