US-based saliva testing pioneer Salimetrics has hooked up with German contract research organisation DAaCRO in a collaboration designed to further both companies’ interest in stress-related research.

Known for its salivary assays used to test for stress-related biomarkers such as cortisol and alpha amylase, Salimetrics will supply DAaCRO (Diagnostic Assessment and Clinical Research Organisation) with assays and collaborate with the German company on research projects as appropriate.

“For over 25 years salivary analytes have been the preferred tool for conducting basic stress research,” noted Salimetrics founder Professor Douglas Granger. “This is because the minimally invasive nature of collecting saliva, versus collecting blood, affords researchers and healthcare professionals the opportunity to assess biological markers within the context of everyday life.”

Set up in 2003 by Juliane Hellhammer from the University of Trier, DAaCRO focuses on assessing the impact of psychotropic substances (pharmaceuticals, nutritional supplements, functional/novel foods) on anxiety, depression and stress. The company incorporates saliva sampling into all of its trial protocols.

The growing prevalence of stress-related disorders and the increasing volume of studies on stress-related conditions such as anxiety, depression, heart disease and diabetes have created a sound basis for the partners’ collaboration, Salimetrics noted.

The testing company has a European arm, Salimetrics Europe Ltd, based in Newmarket, UK.