Sanofi-Aventis expects to bring in 4 billion euros ($5.7 billion) in 2010 just from its vaccines, including its swine flu jab, the company announced in a presentation.

The company’s vaccine unit, Sanofi Pasteur, is aiming to double sales at the division by 2013 from 2.9 billion euros ($4.2 billion) in 2008. Indeed, it predicts the worldwide vaccines market will reach 23 billion euros ($33 billion) by 2013, up from 15 billion euros ($21.5 billion) in 2008.

The figures follow reports that suggest vaccines will have an increasing role in treating a variety of diseases in the future.

Sanofi currently has 18 vaccines in its product pipeline, including jabs to treat diseases Dengue fever, Clostridium difficile, rabies, and meningitis.