Sanofi-Aventis said this morning that is has laid to rest its patent infringement battle in the US relating to copycat versions of its cancer blockbuster drug Eloxatin.

The Paris, France-headquartered drugmaker and Debiopharm, licensor of the patent rights, have signed settlement agreements with Teva Pharmaceuticals USA, Fresenius Kabi (formerly Dabur) and Sandoz to partially resolve the litigation over certain formulations of Eloxatin (oxaliplatin) that hit the market last year.

Under the settlement, the generic manufacturers have agreed to stop selling their generic versions of the drug at the end of June this year, but can resume sales on August 9, 2012 as per a license to re-enter the market.

Sanofi said the rest of the details regarding the settlement are confidential, but added that all of the provisions “subject to contingencies which could enhance, diminish or eliminate the value of those settlements to the Group”, and that the agreements are subject to review by the Federal Trade Commission, the US Department of Justice and the Attorney General for the State of Michigan.

However, as the settlement only covers three generic manufacturers, smaller rivals, such as Sun Pharmaceutical Industries, which also has a copycat version of the drug, can continue to sell their formulations. In addition, Mike Ward, analyst at Ambrian, told Reuters that Eloxatin “has become a very small product within a large business”, and that “it would have helped if they had done a deal before generics decimated the franchise”.