Semler Research Centre Pvt. Ltd (SRC), a contract research organisation (CRO) set up in India four years ago as part of the diversified US-based Semler group, has inaugurated a 25,000sq ft facility for drug evaluation and pharmacology research in Bangalore.

The company has invested around $10 million in the facility over the last three years and aims to double its commitment over the next three. In doing do, SRC hopes to boost its headcount from 150 at present to 500 over the next two years.

The new centre incorporates three clinical pharmacology units and an 80-bed facility catering for both early- and late-phase drug development as well as lifecycle chain management. SCR already has a formulation development centre in Bangalore and a 48-bed clinical research unit in Salem, India, both covering 18,000 sq ft of space.

The latest expansion will enable SRC “to complete the loop in the drug development cycle by providing easy access to state-of-the-art facilities for early-stage research in India”, said Dr Krathish Bopanna, director and president of SRC, at the inauguration.

“We look forward to added expansion that will contribute towards further evolution of the Indian contract research and development industry,” Dr Bopanna commented. “As a company, we also envisage enormous potential in [the] biometric space, where we hope to delve further through inorganic growth strategies.”

SRC’s capabilities extend from formulation development to preclinical and clinical trials, bio-analytical services, and Good Manufacturing Practice/Quality Assurance consulting. The company has also stepped up its focus on clinical monitoring services for Phase II to Phase IV trials, biostatistics, safety management, medical writing, regulatory affairs, and dossier preparation/submission.