Shire has been named the most reputable pharma company in the US in a new report from the Reputation Institute

The report used over 50,000 consumer rankings to measure the public’s perception of pharma firms based on seven dimensions: innovation, leadership, governance, citizenship, workplace, performance, and products and services. This was then translated into a ‘RepTrack’ score.

Shire came out on top­ with a score of 77.55. Sanofi, Bayer and Boerhinger Ingelheim were close behind with scores of 76, 75, and 74 respectively. The top five was rounded off by generics firm Perrigo, while AbbVie, Roche, Lilly, Novartis and Takeda filled out the top 10.

They key drivers behind a firm’s reputation score were whether it offers high quality products, whether it is an ethical and transparent company, and whether it is a good corporate citizen.

The survey also found that 60% of people’s decision to buy, recommend or invest in a company depends on its reputation, and that 54% of consumers would give reputable companies the benefit of a doubt in a crisis compared with only 20% for companies with a poor reputation.

A UK PatientView survey released this month also placed Sanofi highly for reputation among patients, with the French firm ranking first for its pricing strategies and innovative products.

But there were noticeable differences in the other results between the two surveys – for example, the rest of PatientView’s top five consisted of Pfizer, Roche, GSK and Novartis.