SIRO Clinpharm, the international contract research organisation (CRO) with headquarters in Mumbai, India, is looking to expand its patient pool for clinical trials in the Asia Pacific region by linking up with Seoul, South Korea-based CRO DreamCIS Inc.

The goal is “to offer a wider platform of patient recruitment capabilities from the Asia Pacific region for our global client base”, said Dr Ajit Nair, president, India of SIRO Clinpharm, which also has offices in the US, Israel, Germany, Romania, Estonia, Greece, the Czech Republic and Spain.

The alliance with DreamCIS “will help us on the one hand to build a strong competitive advantage in the Asia Pacific region, while on the other hand it will create a sustainable value for our existing as well as potential customers”, Nair explained.

DreamCIS can call on nearly 10 years’ experience offering clinical research services to pharmaceutical, bio-venture, medical device and functional food companies. These services include clinical trial management, pharmacovigilance, post-marketing surveillance, data management, biostatistics and quality assurance.

Moreover, noted Dr Chetan Tamhankar, SIRO Clinpharm’s chief executive officer, Korea “is a rapidly growing clinical trials market due to various advantages it offers like pre-approved and well-equipped clinical trial sites, trained professionals, and transparent and efficient regulatory processes”.

Won-Jung Choi, president of DreamCIS, said the company was one of the leading and fastest-growing CROs in South Korea. In view of the rising number of global clinical trials and the rapid growth of the Asian market for trials, however, DreamCIS wanted to link up with another contract research organisation offering global exposure, he said.

This was not only a means to vertical expansion of the business but to “moving up on the learning curve”, he added. “I think our mutually beneficial alliance with SIRO is a definite step in this direction.”