Datatrak is highlighting ease of access to site performance metrics as a key differentiator as it launches the latest version of its platform eClinical product suite.

The troubled US eClinical specialist will be counting on the update to help lift it out of the financial doldrums that have seen Datatrak launch a strategic review to consider the company’s future viability.

Less than compelling returns from the eClinical product suite, created by combining Datatrak’s core electronic data capture resources with the integrated software architecture acquired with ClickFind, Inc in February 2006, have also prompted a lawsuit against former ClickFind executives and shareholders over alleged breaches of contract.

Among the “several significant incremental advancements” offered with the eClinical suite in its latest incarnation is automatic tracking of metrics on investigative site performance in clinical trials.

This information is “critical” to sponsors in deciding where to place specific studies, “as efficient enrolment of patients is often the reason why clinical trial timeframes are delayed and projections are missed, resulting in an increased overall cost for research and development”, Datatrak pointed out. As long as the new eClinical platform is consistently used, sponsors will be able to characterise the historical quality of a research site before a trial goes ahead, it added.

“We believe the capability to quantify in an effortless manner quantitative statistics on site metrics and performance in clinical trials will be increasingly viewed as important by our customers and represents a future differentiating capability within this market,” commented Datatrak’s chief executive officer, Dr Jeffrey Green.

Among other enhancements, Datatrak has sharpened the global appeal of the eClinical suite by adding capabilities for Japanese/Kanji-character translation. This will make the platform more readily acceptable in the world’s third largest market for clinical trials, the company noted.