Heavyweights in the pharmaceutical world have met with other stakeholders in Adelaide to explore investment and growth for the South Australian healthcare sector.

Health Industries South Australia (HealthInSA), formed early last year to boost economic growth in the region, says its new advisory board has held its first strategy planning meeting. Those attending included Wellcome Trust chairman Sir William Castell and Nigel Brooksby, ex-head of Sanofi UK who holds several life sciences, academic and government advisory posts.
Health minister Jack Snelling said “we want to provide a one-stop shop to facilitate direct access for businesses and investors in the health industries sector with direct backing from our Government”. He added that “we have a board with some of the best industry connections in the country, outstanding business credentials and interest in healthcare”.

HealthInSA chief executive Marco Baccanti said “the areas where Adelaide is already excelling and has the chance to become a global player in the medicine of the future…includes personalised delivery of world-leading cancer treatments, big data, and specialised clinical trials”. He said the challenge is “to help build the environment in Adelaide to support the delivery of 21st century medicine and we will do this by growing the close partnerships between research, industry development and clinical implementation”.