Contract research organisation (CRO) Synergy Research Group (SynRG) has become the first Russian member of the Brussels-based European Forum for Good Clinical Practice (EFGCP).

Founded during a conference at the European Parliament in 1993 with the support of the European Commission, EFGCP is a non-profit organisation set up to promote Good Clinical Practice (GCP) and encourage the pursuit of common, high-quality standards at all stages of clinical research throughout Europe and worldwide.

It does so by promoting contact and partnership between the major disciplines and organisations affected by GCP – among them, pharmaceutical companies, CROs, suppliers of associated services, systems and equipment, academia, investigators, ethics committees, regulatory authorities and patient organisations.

Igor Stefanov, general manager of SynRG, said EFGCP’s objectives were “very much in line” with the company’s own long-term strategies. SynRG is already involved in EFGCP plans and activities aimed at “integrating Russia into the European R&D community”, it added.

“We have a mutual interest in facilitating the conduct of clinical research projects in Russia to the highest standards of GCP, by providing appropriate information and training of investigators and ethics committees to these standards,” commented Dr Frank Wells, EFGCP ethics officer and co-chairman of the Forum’s Ethics Working Party.

As Dr Wells pointed out, EFGCP has already shown its desire to expand the Forum’s influence beyond the current boundaries of the European Union by appointing to its board of management Professor Olga Kuber of St Petersburg, Russia, who also serves as EFGCP’s education officer.

“This collaboration with SynRG is a further positive development in the same direction,” he added.