This year’s The Creative Floor Awards are expected to be more brutal than last year’s, the founder has told PharmaTimes Digital.

In its inaugural year last year, The Creative Floor Awards, which features a judging panel of creative directors from both healthcare and consumer companies, saw just 29 wins in 58 categories despite being able to enter work from the past 15 years. Even work that had won in other award shows didn’t make a dent in The Creative Floor Awards, where even if finalists were listed, the judges still deemed the work not up to a standard worthy of a win.

The Awards were established in a bid to raise the standard of creative work coming out of the healthcare industry so that it can compete on a par with the consumer world, and also to raise money to help young talent break into the health and wellness industry. 

“If you compare consumer ads to the healthcare equivalent you can see how the standards are so different. We have a mentality in this industry that we will just award a win to the best in the category regardless of how good the work actually is and this has put the level of healthcare creativity too far down,” said Shaheed Peera, founder of the Awards. 

“People think there are more restrictions in healthcare. But that isn’t the case. It shouldn’t be used as an excuse for why the standards are not higher.”

Peera also feared there was a lack of young creative talent moving into healthcare. “These kids do their advertising degrees and courses and then go directly into consumer agencies because they do the sexy work and get awards. Healthcare is invisible. The biggest threat to our industry is the lack of talent. The Creative Floor Awards are an opportunity to celebrate good examples in healthcare and showcase this to inspire more diverse young talent into healthcare. I want healthcare to be considered seriously.”

Last year’s Awards raised £7000 for its talent fund and the show’s winners decided the money should go to the School of Communications of Arts 2.0. This will be used to set up placements with agencies to help move more people into healthcare. 

This year, the Awards are aiming to raise more money, while two new categories have been added – best healthcare company and best healthcare communications agency. 

The split of judges across both healthcare and consumer differentiates the Awards from other awards shows. The big names this year on the judging panel are Ben Kay, group creative director at Apple, and Tony Hardcastle, global creative director, Unilever, and the world’s most awarded art director, Paul Belford.

The final deadline for entry into The Creative Floor Awards is 27 March. For more information or to enter, go to: