GlaxoSmithKline has teamed up with the University of Manchester in a bid to “meet the challenge of accelerating translational research efforts”.

The university says that the framework will define how scientists and physicians from both parties will work together to identify new research avenues and support drug discovery within the UK. It will focus on systems biology and biomedical imaging within treatment areas such as respiratory disease and inflammation.

UoM added that the alliance is an opportunity to “formalise and enhance an already strong research relationship” that exists between two entities who are aiming at ‘lab bench to bedside’ medical research. The pact will also involve “shared opportunities in the exchange of ideas and methodologies and staff secondment” and result in “a combined approach to research funding bids”, the university said.

University vice president Alan North said that “forming an alliance with a world-class company such as GSK will undoubtedly benefit the already outstanding biomedical research base within Manchester”. GSK senior vice president for discovery research, Patrick Valliance, was equally complimentary about the firm’s new partner, noting that the University of Manchester has invested heavily in recent years and “is now a world-class institution”.

He concluded by saying that UoM now has the “first-rate biomedical science capabilities of the calibre that GSK welcomes forming an alliance with”.