The US government is reportedly seeking to hit Novartis with a fine of $3.35 billion for using kickbacks to artificially boost the sales of two of its medicines, leading to overpayment by the country’s health care insurers Medicare and Medicaid.

The US Department of Justice has filed papers in a New York federal court claiming that the Swiss drug giant was operating on the wrong side of the False Claims Act by using incentives such as rebates to boost prescriptions for kidney transplant drug Myfortic (mycophenolic acid) and iron-overload therapy Exjade (deferasirox).

The government is gunning for $11,000 for each of the 161,011 Exjade and Myfortic claims submitted by pharmacies to Medicaid and Medicare, as well as triple damages on the $507.5 million received in reimbursements, according to Bloomberg.

Novartis is disputing the claims and maintains its actions were legitimate.