High performing cross functional teams are business critical in modern pharma. The Cross-Functional Team category is an opportunity for high-calibre multidisciplinary teams to compete and benchmark themselves against their industry peers.  Each team should consist of 4 or 5 people, whilst representing how your business unit/organisation goes about its daily business.

As a guide, participating teams should be drawn from key functions such as Sales, Medical, Product Management, Market Access, Health Economics and Business Information (note: this list is not meant to be prescriptive nor exhaustive; you may prefer a different mix, however we do recommend your team contains some line management experience).

The Cross-Functional Team competition will involve teams going head-to-head with teams from other companies in a one day business simulation, focusing on the uptake of hypothetical medicines and services where a positive HTA is already in place. The day will also provide a useful developmental opportunity with feedback being provided post event on every decision point, every interaction and how you worked together as a team.

More than one team can enter per company.
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