Secondary Care Sales Professional of the Year

Entry Guidelines and Judging Criteria


This category will explore both your knowledge and understanding of the key elements related to the role of a Secondary Care Sales Professional, as well as your capabilities to successfully deliver demonstrable results and targeted outcomes in such a role. A demonstration of your thorough understanding and knowledge of the Local and Regional prevailing hospital’s and overall NHS related marketplace and associated processes (e.g. Formulary Guidelines, NICE etc) will be key.
In addition, you will also be required to successfully demonstrate your ability to analyse and positively influence prescribing behaviours via your interactions and networking with key Hospital and other NHS related stakeholders, decision makers and influencers.  You will also be required to provide “real life” examples of where you have previously successfully demonstrated these capabilities, and this is likely to have involved operating as part of a cross-functional team involving working collaboratively with other company colleagues and resources to deliver positive business outcomes.


This category is open to all Secondary Care Professionals (or indeed any experienced GP/Hospital Reps or KAM’s who’s current work-related activities involves a large amount of Hospital orientated focus).


  • Finalists will be invited to participate in category specific case study “Challenge” developed by an independent expert panel as well as undertake an NHS Knowledge Test.
  • Finalists will be presented with a category specific “Challenge” on arrival at the Finals Day and then given a set period of time for preparation (usually 1 hour) before presenting their finding and undertaking various assessments with a variety of Judging Panels comprised of a diverse range of Industry Experts.


Specific scoring criteria will be developed alongside each year’s unique “Challenge”, but all finalists should bear in mind the following points for their category:

  • Comprehending and understanding the “Challenge”: Finalists should demonstrate a thorough understanding of the Case Study.
  • An understanding of the Local and Regional NHS Hospital related processes and influences: Evidence of a deep and broad understanding of the ever more complex, diverse and changing NHS environment and key Hospital related processes and how to positively influence them as an individual Secondary Care Professional and also part of a cross-functional team.
  • Strategic Account Planning: Demonstrate your ability to successfully account plan to deliver the objectives and benefits for your company, the Hospital/NHS and patient’s.
  • Networking (internal and external): Exhibit highly sophisticated and extensive networking skills across a complex Local and Regional Hospital orientated / NHS environment.
  • Demonstrate high level selling and negotiation skills across all potential sales channels with the emotional intelligence to effectively operate, sell and gain consensus across all levels of clinical and commercially focused NHS customers to meet the overall needs of the customer.


Key dates

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