Sam Grove, commercial director at Oberoi Consulting, explains how pharma companies can better achieve their brand objectives with training on clinical systems intelligence.

The Clinical Systems Intelligence (CSI) Training workshop facilitates a greater understanding of how clinical systems support decisions made in primary care, and how this understanding has driven a change in the way our clients have achieved their brand objectives.

What is the rationale behind the workshop?

There have been many occasions when I’ve been in front of a customer who’s really keen to make a difference to patients and we’ve agreed a way forward. Then during a follow up discussion I’ve been left confused and surprised as to why nothing has happened but I’d never really stopped to think about all of the reasons why.

I’d not really considered some of the challenges customers face when making that change to manage their patient in a different way. How do they find the right patients? How do they make sure they adhere to local and national guidelines?

Having worked at Oberoi for some time, frequently working with the NHS, it is clear to see identifying patients is without doubt the first step in driving change but this in itself presents our NHS customers with a new challenge - once they identify the right patients, how do they manage these patients with minimum impact on the patient and the practice resources?

We have all been guilty of telling our customers they have a problem and sometimes we tell them how big that problem is before waving goodbye, but how often do we stick around and help them find the solution – our customers need and want end to end solutions.

What can delegates expect from the CSI workshop?

CSI training is designed to enlighten delegates, through video demonstrations, of the types of systems available to the NHS, which enable them to drive change through implementation of their guidelines and formularies.

As part of the training, the insight into the Dictionary of Medicines and Devices (dm+d) has provided our clients with real light bulb moments of how a submission of a particular drug may impact how it appears within the clinical system, how it is available to be prescribed by a clinician and ultimately how it is dispensed by a pharmacist. These are the moments when our clients have sometimes understood why there have been barriers in the prescribing of their brands.

During the training we look at the functionality of GP clinical systems such as EMIS, SystmOne and InPS Vision, along with overlay systems such as Scriptswitch, Optimise Rx and Eclipse, which support clinicians in their decision-making process.

The most useful and impactful sessions have been those which give delegates the opportunity to work through their challenges and barriers, at either a local or national level, and consider how the insights gained through workshop can be applied in order to better support their brands forward.

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