Former interns Anita Vimal, Ashi Nair, and Karla Baresa are now junior consultants, working on global PR campaigns in ophthalmology, diabetes, vaccines and rare diseases.

Other hires include consultant Ellie Duncan, a former project manager at the Royal College of Surgeons of England; consultant Lauren Packer, who joins from FleishmanHillard Fishburn; consultant Hannah Clarke, who joins from Clark Health Communications; Oxford graduate, Natasha Chetina, and University of Exeter graduate, Ellie Farrow, who join as junior consultants.

Commenting on the diversity of opportunity at the company, consultant Clarke said: “HAVAS Just:: is a communications agency that offers PR as well as medical and marketing communications to its clients, and I wanted to keep working across these diverse areas. Access to the HAVAS network was also a huge selling point, with the opportunity to work more directly with agencies and specialists that tap into alternative areas from medical anthropology to music in health, new areas that can help disrupt traditional communications approaches.”