Kidney Cancer UK and Kidney Cancer Scotland have announced that their new Chief Executive Officer will be Malcolm Packer.

Malcolm has worked with Kidney Cancer UK since 2007 on a freelance, voluntary basis and on a permanent part-time basis since 2013 as Head of Charity Affairs and Communications.

His achievements include establishing the Kidney Cancer UK Annual Patient Survey – which is approaching its tenth year – running Kidney Cancer Awareness Week and leading the Kidney Cancer UK Accord project. The latter resulted in a formal commission from NHS England to NICE to produce what will be the first national clinical guideline on kidney cancer.

Responding to his appointment, Packer said: “I am extremely proud to have been selected to move this charity forward. There will be challenges to overcome, but I am confident that with the help of the team at Kidney Cancer UK, we can make our support for patients, families and carers better and better.”