UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) has made a new senior appointment to its Challenge Leader team. The organisation has hired Helen Lambert, professor of medical anthropology at the University of Bristol has taken up the role GCRF challenge leader for global health. Professor Lambert has a background of research into antimicrobial resistance, HIV prevention with vulnerable communities, and the social and cultural dimensions of health systems.

Professor Lambert is joining the team of GCRF Challenge Leaders, who are maximising the impact of the GCRF across six portfolio areas: global health, food systems, resilience, cities and sustainable infrastructure, education and protracted conflict and refugees.

Professor Helen Fletcher, UKRI’s director of international development and former GCRF Challenge Leader for Global Health, said: “We are delighted to have such a highly esteemed, experienced and dedicated researcher joining our dynamic team of Challenge Leaders to help drive forward research in global health.

“We live in an interconnected world and challenges that impact on one country, will ultimately impact on us all, no matter where we live, be it conflict resulting in a refugee crisis, natural disasters resulting in food shortages or a new virus developing into a global epidemic."