Communications Manager of the Year

If you work as an experienced communications manager or a senior freelancer, this category is the perfect choice for you. You will be given the chance to benchmark your skills against your peers, test your strategic, tactical and leadership ability, and hopefully be rewarded for your contribution to the industry at our awards ceremony!


  • This new category will recognise excellence in communications planning, allowing individuals to demonstrate their competencies and skills in strategic planning and leadership


  • You should be an experienced communications manager with over 5 years’ communications experience – highly skilled in strategic planning and leadership
  • For senior grade agency and in-house individuals who are experienced in strategic and tactical programme development and leading/guiding implementation teams
  • Finalists are likely to be senior staff who are contributing to or responsible for agency business development pursuits, or in-house equivalent
  • Senior freelancers may also wish to consider entering this category


  • The challenge will be similar to the team challenges in terms of complexity, but the required response will be tailored for an individual to complete within the timescale

Judging Criteria:

Specific scoring criteria will be developed alongside each year’s unique case-study / challenge.  But all finalists should bear in mind the requirement to demonstrate their ability in:

  • Comprehending and understanding the challenge:
    Finalists should demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the brief / case study.
    They should be able to identify the key challenges faced – and be able to respond appropriately with suitable strategic and tactical plans
  • Leadership
    Finalists in this category should demonstrate their leadership and guidance skills – showing how they would utilise the resources at their disposal to deliver their strategic plan
  • Assessing the market environment
    Demonstrate a deep understanding of healthcare systems, showing how your chosen strategy utilises your knowledge and experience and why you think it will deliver the best outcomes based on the brief
  • Prioritising and identifying key insights
    Demonstrate your ability to define and identify the key strategic insights in a communications brief – and show how you would prioritise their importance in a communications campaign
  • Developing workable communications strategies and a tactical overview
    Finalists must exhibit strong strategic and tactical thinking within their response to the brief – showing clearly their chosen communications strategies – and how they can be delivered in a real world situation
  • Demonstrating a good blend of innovation, creativity and respect for compliance
    Demonstrate your innovative and creative thinking around your strategic plan, but always showing you understand the risks, how to mitigate them and that you are keeping the core compliance issues at the forefront of your plans

Key dates

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