The Charity Challenge

The health charity sector is an essential stakeholder in patients receiving the best healthcare and associated education.  Each year we partner with a chosen charity to give them the opportunity to set a competition brief for in-house teams or agencies to respond with their ideas. With the charity’s representatives as the judging panel, they then benefit from the fresh and varied ideas presented. For the teams who enter, their time also has the potential to help the charity do more for the patients they support, whilst also maintaining the competitive spirit of the team challenges!

  • Same format as the other team events, but responding to the charity’s brief
  • Teams can be up to 5 individuals, ensuring you have the right mix of skills and knowledge within the team is an advantage and consideration should be given to what these might be for a charity brief.

This challenge gives teams the opportunity to make a difference for the better, teams will respond directly to a brief set by the partnered charity to show off their creative and innovative skills.  Each team can enter with the knowledge that their efforts will be fed back into the greater development of the charity.

Tackle is the only patient-led, UK-wide charity representing people with Prostate Cancer and those who care for them.

Our vision is to enable the growth of peer support groups across the country, ensuring the needs of people living with and affected by prostate cancer are met, and their voices are heard. We understand that everyone’s prostate cancer journey is different, which is why we have built a community who listens to your worries, provides you with useful information and points you in the direction that’s best for you. We’re here to normalise conversations and ensure you and the people around you feel supported through every step of your prostate cancer journey.

Key dates

Entry Opens
Entry Closes
Singles Virtual Finals Day
Team Virtual Finals Day
Awards Ceremony