Team Leader

Entry Guidelines and Judging Criteria


This category is designed to assess the Team Leader’s ability to guide teams to successful outcomes.


Suitable for experienced Team Leaders who can demonstrate a successful track record in leading teams to positive outcomes. During the assessment process we will be looking for real life examples of issues faced, action plans developed, and results obtained.


* On successful completion of the MCQ, candidates will be invited to submit their response to a Team Leader essay challenge developed by an independent panel of judges.

* Our judges will select the top candidates to participate in the finals day challenge which consists of two parts. Part 1 is the individual challenge which candidates will be asked to prepare in advance and present on finals day. Part 2 is a group challenge that will be shared with the finalists on finals day, be prepared to be interactive, creative and enjoy presenting as a team of finalists to the judging panel of experts and industry leaders.


Specific scoring criteria will be developed in association with each unique challenge.  The Team Leader finalists will need to indicate a comprehensive understanding of the challenge presented and be able to demonstrate the following:

  • Expertise within the area of Clinical Research in which the Team Leader works. Examples include: Clinical Operations, Project Management, Quality, Data Management, Medical, Safety, Finance, IT, Business Development
  • Strong, effective leadership skills and an ability to guide teams to successful outcomes
  • Flexible, effective interpersonal skills
  • Awareness and utilisation of team member skill sets in association with team member development
  • Risk assessment, issue prioritisation and awareness of implications
  • Ability to resolve conflict


Key dates

Entry Opens
Entry Closes
Singles Finals Day
Team Finals Day
Awards Event
Clinical Researcher of the Year - The Americas