PharmaTimes -
October 2014

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UK Politics
UK general election special
We ask pharma what it wants to see from a new government – and what it thinks it 
will get

Sales versus outcomes
What’s your fieldforce rated on?
GlaxoSmithKline has embarked on a novel way to compensate its US salesforce. Can a model focused on outcomes pay off and should other companies follow suit?

Will AHSNs deliver the innovation bounty?

AHSNs are providing a link between pharma and the NHS that has not existed before, but will this collaboration drive the adoption of innovation?

Health Focus
New anticoagulants: set for a fairytale ending? 
There is widespread consensus that people with atrial fibrillation should be prescribed new anticoagulants to prevent stroke. So why are so many being denied the recommended treatment?

Patient Files
“Everyone deserves a deep breath”
A cystic fibrosis patient tells how social media helped her disease

Business Insight
Local to global: making a difference at Pierre Fabre
A family-run company overlaid with the corporate culture of a pharmaceutical multinational may sound like a tricky balancing act. But it can offer the best of both worlds

Business Insight
Engage with HCPs at relevant touchpoints in their digital day
HCPs use the internet every day for a variety of professional purposes. How can pharma benefit?

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