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September 2014

Shock Therapy
Will frugal innovation be what keeps healthcare systems functioning in developing and developed countries

“Procurement is not working for patients”
Will the axe swing at the ‘easy’ target of medicines as the NHS continues on its savings quest?

Smart homes to smart health

How will the new health-tech revolution help empower both patients and healthcare professionals?

Internet of Things
Beam me up
Our must-read guide to understanding just what on earth the Internet of Things is all aboutSales awards
Making customers count

Who were the winners of this year’s only customer-nominated and customer-judged sales competition?

Patient Files
“The system works – don’t screw it up”
One man’s goal to run 100 marathons – despite being diagnosed with myeloma

Business Insight
Learning: the new business strategy
Learning and development should not only be a journey but part of the company culture and business strategy, says Gary Killington, director of PI Partnership

Business Insight
How can pharma engage directly with HCPs inside the NHS?
With so many different online resources, the internet is becoming an increasingly competitive space to engage with healthcare professionals, says Simon Grime, commercial director, Fendix Media

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