PharmaTimes -
March 2015

SmartTech / Droning on
Could drones have a place in healthcare? We investigate

Last month's SmartDeals

You let us know your thoughts

Health Policy
we take a look at EU clinical trials transparency

News from the technology and marketing world

Business Insight / Royal Bank of Scotland: "no two businesses are the same"
RBS' pharma team talks to us about how they are continuing to support the industry - with specialist insight

Cover story/Adherence / Use it or lose it
It doesn't matter how good your medicine is or how well it performs in clinical trials if patients aren't taking it as recommended

Medicines Optimisation / Taking your medicine
Is the current healthcare system helping or hindering medicines optimisation?

Health Focus / The challenge of schizophrenia
There is still much to be done to help patients with this disease

Emerging Markets / MINT Selection
Forget BRIC, the new acronym is MINT - Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria, Turkey - as the latest emerging markets on pharma's radar

Business Insight / Ashfield Healthcare - supporting customer and patient outcomes
What makes Ashfield Healthcare unique?

Patient Files / "Think of us as partners and not as subjects"
One patient's experience of being diagnosed with whooping cough

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