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April 2016

As we are a pretty opinionated bunch here at PharmaTimes, we like it when contributors are prepared to stand up and express a viewpoint. For the past few months, our expanded SmartViews section has featured thought-leading articles on a wide range of topics - from patient-centricity and merger mania to drug pricing and product launch strategy - and this month is no exception.

In SmartViews, we offer articles on topics as diverse as the dangers of Brexit, a crisis in pharmacy, the impact of new EU clinical trial regulations and yet more threats to pharma's reputation.

Also in this issue, in Time to Think Rare, we continue our in-depth look at the challenges and opportunities in rare diseases, this month asking what patients need and how pharma can help.

Going 'beyond the pill' is a major trend in the industry yet many companies focus solely on digital innovation. In Outside the Box, we explore how the packaging and formulation of a medicine can boost sales - but only if you listen to patients first.

Translating great science into the next generation of life-changing medicines requires a leap of faith but pharma companies are getting a helping hand. In Care Package, we feature three organisations that are building early stage projects for pharma to take to market.

Hugh Gosling, Editor

April 2016 - magazine highlights

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Time to think rare

Rare diseases are starting to gain the recognition they deserve but with thousands of conditions and small populations, what do patients need and how can pharma help?

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Outside the box

Going 'beyond the pill' is a major trend in pharma today, with companies seeking innovative approaches to engaging patients and driving growth. While much of the innovation comes from the digital space, there are other ways to create value for patients

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Care package

Creating the next generation of life-changing medicines has always been pharma's greatest challenge, but with pipelines drying up many companies need a helping hand. We speak to three organisations doing just that – building early stage projects into packages that pharma can take to market

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Loud and clear

For pharma companies brave enough to stick their head above the parapet in order to improve their reputations, the benefits far outweigh the risks

Thumbnail image for SmartViews: In Perfect Harmony

SmartViews: In Perfect Harmony

Although the new EU clinical trials regulation is not due to come into effect until late 2018, now is the time to get to grips with its implications, writes Dr Martine Dehlinger-Kremer.

Thumbnail image for SmartViews: Staying power

SmartViews: Staying power

While opinion polls are evenly split in the 'Brexit' referendum, the life sciences industry seems firmly in the Remain camp – and for good reason, writes Ana Nicholls

Thumbnail image for SmartViews: Race to trace

SmartViews: Race to trace

The EU prescription medicine supply chain is changing radically as new requirements come into force and the Brexit vote looms. Mark Davison outlines the impact on the UK

Thumbnail image for SmartViews: The big leap?

SmartViews: The big leap?

The chasm between industry and academia is shrinking, with the UK fast becoming a powerhouse for cutting-edge global health research, writes Mark Samuels

Thumbnail image for SmartViews: Pharmacy in crisis

SmartViews: Pharmacy in crisis

The UK Government's austerity eye has turned on community pharmacy, with ministers demanding funding cuts and improvements in service, but England's 11,000 pharmacies are fighting back

Thumbnail image for SmartPeople: Efficiency savings

SmartPeople: Efficiency savings

As one of the most efficient markets in Europe, the UK's generic medicines sector saves the NHS billions of pounds each year – but how will it cope with the arrival of biosimilars and a government intent on austerity at any cost?

Thumbnail image for SmartPeople: Under the skin

SmartPeople: Under the skin

Integrating patient insight into the business is a key element of LEO Pharma president and CEO Gitte Aabo's approach to helping people achieve healthy skin

Thumbnail image for Patient files: Prostate cancer

Patient files: Prostate cancer

Ten years ago, Hugh Gunn was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer and given 18-30 months to live. The Cancer Drugs Fund saved his life

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