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December 2016

Compared to other world events, pharma's 2016 has been relatively calm - but that doesn't mean that this year hasn't brought significant changes for the industry.

In our Review of 2016 (p23), we round up all the most important issues of the year for the industry and add some expert analysis to help you prepare for 2017. Political upheaval, innovation in the NHS, the growth of biosimilars and big changes to market access have all forced pharma to rethink its strategy for the next few years - but as the industry's position on these solidifies we can at least say that it should be be tackling them from a position of strength.

After all, these issues are only going to continue into 2017 - as shown by our SmartViews pieces on the NHS' drive to improve mental health services (Thinking alike, p17) and NICE's new rules (A new way in, p20), as well as our feature on the downsides of minimising drug prices (The bigger picture, p38).

December 2016 - magazine highlights

Thumbnail image for Thinking alike

Thinking alike

How can pharma help the NHS achieve Parity of Esteem in mental health?

Thumbnail image for Difficult breathing

Difficult breathing

Mesothelioma expert Dr Raja Flores on the state of treatment for this often neglected disease

Thumbnail image for A new way in

A new way in

The ins and out of the controversial proposed changes to NICE and its HST assessments

Thumbnail image for The bigger picture

The bigger picture

Delivering the maximum possible benefits to the NHS does not necessarily mean minimising prices, finds a new report

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