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October 2016

The industry and NHS are used to change, often on a pretty seismic scale, and this month we focus on several of the transformations that are either taking place or, some would say, need to take place.

Topping the bill this month is a focus on how the brave new world of technology is changing the process of drug development. The Clinical Trial of the Future (p28) looks at how various new technologies and processes are reshaping the R&D systems that are provide the industry's very foundations.In The Hard Sell (p32) we approach the world of pharmaceutical sales to ask what skills the modern sales rep needs to survive in a world of multichannel marketing, shake-ups to decades-old sales models and increasingly complex healthcare systems.

Elsewhere we take a more general look at some of the biggest challenges facing the industry and NHS in this month's SmartViews section (p17-27), which features analysis on the NHS' Five Year Forward View, what it means for pharma and the need to share best practice.Meanwhile, this month's SmartPeople has a distinct science bent, with its inclusion of a focus on the important work of the Academic Health Science Network (AHSN) for the North East and North Cumbria from its CEO Seamus O'Neill (p40).

I hope you enjoy the issue.

George Underwood, Acting Editor

October 2016 - magazine highlights

Thumbnail image for The clinical trial of the future

The clinical trial of the future

The industry is approaching a new age of trials that are streamlined, connected and more engaged with the patient – but only if pharma can embrace the changes

Thumbnail image for The hard sell

The hard sell

With the 2016 PharmaTimes Sales Awards fast approaching, we look at the skills needed by the modern sales rep to survive

Thumbnail image for Forward thinking

Forward thinking

How is the Five Year Forward View changing the NHS, and how can pharma help to shape new patient pathways?

Thumbnail image for The bare necessities

The bare necessities

The WHO's latest essential medicines list included 16 new cancer drugs – but how many more can be added without changing the nature of the list?

Thumbnail image for Birth right

Birth right

The Zika outbreak has brought the issue of congenital anomalies to the forefront of the science community and the public's mind. We ask Helen Dolk, Professor of Epidemiology at the University of Ulster, about the challenges of working in this area

Thumbnail image for Network connection

Network connection

Seamus O'Neil, chief executive of the Academic Health Science Network for the North East and North Cumbria, on bridging the gap between pharma and the NHS

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